Staying Ahead

The cost saving advantage and being seen as environmentally friendly could give a competitive advantage to companies in certain fields.

Engaging sustainable energy experts is crucial to avoid non-compliance, missed opportunities on cost savings and inadequate solutions leading to wasted resources and ineffectiveness.

By engaging with professional consultation you can really help to maximise the cost saving, compliance with regulations, and access to expertise in such a complex field.

Consulting for:

Our sustainable energy consultation services are suitable for


Reduce operation costs drastically, improve business profitability and capitalize on tax incentive & financing options.


Reduce operation costs drastically, improve business profitability and capitalize on tax incentive & financing options.


Lead by example by adopting sustainable practices & meet government’s green targets.


Inspire & educate the awareness of sustainability other than adoption in learning institutions.


Financial Technical 
Advisor (FTA)

Bridging the gap between the technical and financial aspects of energy projects. Ensuring that energy projects are technically feasible and economically viable, and meeting the requirements of financing institutions.


Green Building Independent Consultant

Supporting the design, construction, and operation of environmentally sustainable buildings. Customized advise on use of green building techniques and technologies that reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and promote sustainable practices.


Energy Storage Solutions

Enabling companies to better manage their energy supply, improve reliability, and reduce costs, while also supporting the integration of renewable energy into the power grid.


Energy Digitalisation & IOT

We offer enhancements in site assessment through the implementation of smart sensors and advanced measuring tools, reducing manpower requirements while increasing speed and improving accuracy. Additionally, our services encompass the enhancement of operation and maintenance works for solar energy systems, leveraging artificial intelligence for problem estimation and IoT technologies to automate rectification processes.

What Clients Say About Us

Suria and Sonne did everything they said they would do, within the timeline they proposed. There were no surprises or “add-ons” to deal with, which I greatly appreciated. Responses to my questions/ concerns were always complete, timely and professional. Amazingly happy and thankful for an incredible job well done! A flawless and pleasant experience

Liana, Johor Bharu

We highly recommend Suria and Sonne. They are an extremely professional company – providing the very best customer service. The project was well thought out, designed and executed.

Dr. Izzat, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

Suria & Sonne provided a very thorough, impressive and comprehensive proposal. Thank you!

Karim, Shah Alam, Selangor

I love the professional conduct of company teams. Anything that customers wish they had done in such an ideal way. Superb service and excellent ! Highly recommended for solar service at home.

Nadiah Hamdan, Cheras, Selangor

Syarikat yang mempunyai kepakaran dalam bidang panel solar di rumah serta mempunyai pekerja yang terlatih dalam bidang tenaga boleh diperbaharui. Sangat meyakinkan dan harga berpatutan.

Arif Aiman, Selangor

Suria & Sonne Guarantee

Steps To Transform Your Sustainable Energy Consumption


Getting info from client, conduct desktop study and present general concept of solar PV system type and program

Site Visit

Feasibility study of the site that includes the rooftop condition and solar electrical equipment location.

Solar Installation

Install PV panels, inverter and other solar equipment.

Safety Inspection

Testing and commissioning procedure to ensure system is operating smoothly.


Warranty covers site inspection, panel cleaning, system performance audit and scheduled maintenance.

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