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1. Complete the survey to find out your eligibility for Home Solar
2. What is your property type?
4. Do you own the mentioned property?
6. What’s the average monthly electricity bill?
7. What’s the property’s wiring system?
8. Does your household electricity system have ever been involved in TNB meter tampering/illegal alteration?
DECLARATION OF INFORMATION i. All the information obtained is used by Suria dan Sonne Sdn. Bhd. for evaluating the eligibility of the solar PV system based on the NEM Rakyat 3.0 program quota by SEDA Malaysia and any other requirements to check your application. ii. Suria dan Sonne Sdn Bhd can directly contact you for more information, in need of supporting documents and/or to share new promotional and marketing information. All the information provided is true and I have read the declaration of information above.
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