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  • Safety in design according to Malaysian & International Standards, and Fire Safety
  • Safety precautions and trainings for workers
  • Safety in system and during construction
  • Follows the regulations & guidelines by TNB, ST and relevant authorities
  • Safety of equipment & products supplied
  • Registered CIDB, ST, TNB, MOF Bumiputera Contractor
  • SEDA registered solar PV service provider (RPVSP)
  • Safety and peace of mind on financial (attractive loans, easy EPP etc)


  • Using only solar panels from Tier 1 PV Module certified by Bloomberg New energy Finance (BNEF). Eg: Jinko, Qcells, JAsolar, Longi, Trina Solar, ZNShine solar
  • Using technical compatibility of inverter - Eg: Huawei, Goodwe, Sungrow, Growatt, Solis
  • Extra info: For Commercial projects - all Hua Wei (Hua Wei has built-in DC optimizer)
  • Using only International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certified electrical items. Eg: Cable, Breaker
  • Ensure installation is done as per standard installation quality standard set by SNS 
  • inspection is done diligently to ensure problems can be avoided
  • Testing & commissioning done to ensure system performance is as per design
  • User-friendly solar system online monitoring app/ software
  • Follows international regulations for EV solutioning
  • Certified system designers and installer with certifications and training specific for solar PV works


  1. DLP/Worry Free Package - 2 years comprehensive maintenance
  2. Warranty (Solar)
    • 12-year panel product warranty
    • 25-year panel performance warranty
    • 5-year inverter product warranty
  3. Warranty (Inverter)
    • 5-year product warranty
  4. Product warranty (EV?) 
    • 2 years
  5. Solar PV Insurance
    • protects against loss of or damage
    • Hassle-Free Repair & Restoration
    • Saving protection
  6. Response Team & Time
    • 4 regional centers all around Peninsular Malaysia
    • In-house O&M Team for fast deployment to troubleshoot & rectification
    • Response & action within 48 hours of reporting
  7. Custom Quote and Recommendations

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