Electrify Your Movement

EV Adoption Consultation

Feasibility study, grant & tax incentive, business model advisory, financing options, legalities and more.

Hardware Infrastructure Development

EV chargers, parking bays, power supply upgrade.

Back-end System Development

Feasibility study, grant & tax incentive, business model advisory, financing options, legalities and more.


Integration with other sustainable energy solutions such as solar EV charging station

EV Charging System For Your Convenience


Capitalize on ESG compliance & provide greener infrastructure to the community.


Designed for harsh and frequent usage and doesn’t break easily.

Attract Guests

Savvy EV users prefers chargeable buildings.


Revenue generation from guest and tenants.

No More Stealing

High electricity from unconcenptual charge.


Worry less about time taken to charge your vehicle. Charge from the comfort of your own home.


3 Times faster than normal
3 pin charger from 25 hours down to 9 hours (Hyundai IONIQ 5)


Purpose-designed dedicated EV with high safety regulations and avoids overheating.

Save More

By integrating home solar PV system with EV charging solution, by harnessing the power of the sun, we are practically charging the car for free.


Connect to you Smartphone and monitor the charging progress.



What Clients Say About Us

Suria and Sonne did everything they said they would do, within the timeline they proposed. There were no surprises or “add-ons” to deal with, which I greatly appreciated. Responses to my questions/ concerns were always complete, timely and professional. Amazingly happy and thankful for an incredible job well done! A flawless and pleasant experience

Liana, Johor Bharu

We highly recommend Suria and Sonne. They are an extremely professional company – providing the very best customer service. The project was well thought out, designed and executed.

Dr. Izzat, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

Suria & Sonne provided a very thorough, impressive and comprehensive proposal. Thank you!

Karim, Shah Alam, Selangor

I love the professional conduct of company teams. Anything that customers wish they had done in such an ideal way. Superb service and excellent ! Highly recommended for solar service at home.

Nadiah Hamdan, Cheras, Selangor

Syarikat yang mempunyai kepakaran dalam bidang panel solar di rumah serta mempunyai pekerja yang terlatih dalam bidang tenaga boleh diperbaharui. Sangat meyakinkan dan harga berpatutan.

Arif Aiman, Selangor

Suria & Sonne Guarantee

How To Get Your EV Solutions


Understand client’s needs from Budget, Objective, Business model, Site condition and requirement, Legalities, Technical feasibilities, Financing options and Tax incentive, rebates or grant.


System Architecture Proposal

Propose the best EV solution for the client that is Cost-effective, safe and provides the best returns on investment.

System Development

To construct the hardware & EV charging infrastructure as per proposal.

To develop the necessary back-end system to support the EV infrastructure.

Safety Inspection

Testing and commissioning procedure to ensure system is operating smoothly.


Frequently Ask Question

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