Welcome to Suria & Sonne


Suria & Sonne (SNS) is a consultant / developer in the renewable energy sector, specialising in solar energy.


We also provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services not only for public and private organizations, but also individual investors.


Should you decide to invest in the future, we are right here for you.

Part of our services encompass the following:

Understanding and implementing your vision of the future.

Overall Financial Analysis

Given the right partnership, investment in renewable energy could bring about a respectable return on investment (ROI) and provide a greater value for your money.

System Architecture Design

That engineering side. No matter what the scale of your vision is, let us take care of this tricky part just for you.

A to Z Implementation

Going through a string of processes in order to make your vision a reality in what might be an unfamiliar territory can be pretty daunting. In a spirit of mutual camaraderie, however, you'll never walk alone.

why choose us in your projects

It is passion that drives greatness.

In whatever we do, we are determined to impart our principal core values to the world.


We Do What We Love

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about what we do. We advocate the same to others. 


Strength in Innovation

With a rapid advancement of technology, the best possible outcome may well be a moving target. However, we believe in constant innovation in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.


Just Like You, We are Visionaries

Do not be afraid to reach for the stars. As such, we truly emphatize with the visionaries out there who intend to make a dent on the universe.







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